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    That is just as much larger than life as the action hero who runs around putting out apocalyptic fires. The fact of the matter is that people are more likely to support a product if its associated with a good/ inspirational story. Each story should have a point to it that your listeners can easily grasp and identify with. If you want to live an epic life, you have to overcome some epic challenges. I wanted a perfect ending.

    Storytelling can make a brand more personal, more human, more memorable. With a human centric brand mission to make coffee social, which was crucial to their original success, Starbucks seemed like a great subject to test out this theory. Would storytelling for business help your organisation? The best of the old stories spoke to the listener because they spoke not just to the ears but to the heart as well. During the speech, it is crucial to emphasize this part and take a moment, before going to the next slide, which represents the solution. Bezos then presents a list of data points to demonstrate the transformation his company has made on customers and the world.

    This is especially important for historical fiction. Once you hook your audiences attention with a strong introduction, theyll be more interested in hearing your main idea. Action verbs are dynamic, describing whats happening rather than what simply is. Does storytelling with data really work? It made me think of how I want to make my own characters come to life on the page and be more unique. But should we only tell stories that reflect our own background? Should we refrain from telling stories that originated elsewhere, on the grounds that we dont have the right to annex the experience of others? Absolutely not.

    Storytelling has been one of the best influence and persuasion tools of leaders around the world. They create a visceral response, and force us to rethink meaning. Far and away the greatest menace to the writerany writer, beginning or otherwiseis the readerThe reader is, in fact, the writers only unrelenting, genuine enemy. But by adding one letter, and one word, to that storytelling structure, you can make your stories even more powerful. Would storytelling in business be a likely mechanism for your company? Even you should wonder how youre ever going to write your character out of this.

    The thing is, some small brands are leveraging this same exact story structure to generate massive amounts of brand awareness and affinity. A personal touch will give your pitch the real factor. I gave some deeper insights into how narrative structure is designed to grab attention. Even if your prospect is moved by your sales story, they wont be able to justify their decision if you dont provide them with the relevant supporting facts. Writing characters in scenes is another, and it can be a pain.

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